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The dispatch work industry has grown exponentially over the years, especially so in China.

As such, there are many companies in the industry that offer these services.However, TD Education is not your typical labor dispatch company. TD Education is located Shenzhen- China's Silicon Valley. Its establishment is well supported by Shenzhen Municipal Government and Educational Departments. Currently TD is working with over 100 schools/ training centers/ kindergartens all over China.

Our goal at TD Education is to not only introduce you to your ideal career, but to also help you adjust to your new life here in China. We offer training in a wide range  essential skills, such as introduction to local culture, mandarin language, teaching skills, and even local law. Our enlisted specialists will help you deal with your daily living requirements starting from the moment you arrive in China. We try our best to make China your home away from home, and hope you accept us as much as we accept you.

We boast a diverse and experienced workforce comprised of open-minded and talented individuals, all striving towards the accomplishment of our company's vision: To help you succeed.

Our process-driven work flow ensures that you get the utmost satisfaction and benefit in your journey to pursue a career here.

Allow us, here at TD Education, to guide you and help you make the most of your time in China.

Good luck in all your endeavors!

通达教育 通达教育

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Alexander Cutler

TD education were great in helping me secure a job in Shenzhen. They helped with getting my documents prepared before leaving the UK, and my assigned agent, Penny, helped me find an apartment, set up a phone and bank account,within a few days of arriving....

Pablo Texeira

It was scary moving so far from home, but TD Education assured me they'd be there for me and help me settle, and they sure made good on their word. I'd never taught before, but the people at this company did everything to help me feel confident and create...

Kieran Murphy

TD Education have been absolutely grand. Every time I had a question they were right there with the answer and it was so, so helpful. Especially when I was going through everything with the family and my Mum would always come up with new questions I'd nev...

Shanice Ebanks

The personal touch TD Education have had with me since they first replied to my application has been really great. Theyve always got time to answer questions even when I was back at home on the other side of the world, with the massive time zone differenc...

John McLaren

TD Education was very helpful while answering all my questions and connecting me with various schools and training centers across Shenzhen. I had great experience! Highly recommended!...

Melissa Phillip

TD Education were awesome through the whole process. Super helpful. They were so patient with me while I got my documents sorted for the Visa process and really held my hand through it all. They loaned me the money for the deposit for my apartment when I ...

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